About - Sound Space Yoga
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Our Classes


1. Get Grounded: Centered~ Clear~ Conscious
2. Expansion : opening to change~positivity ~ understanding
3. Activation : life force energies and taking responsibility
4. Awareness: Freedom & trustConnect to inner self ~ embracing the joy of lifeClear instructions.
Relax and enjoy the idyllic surroundings.
Gentle adjustments.
Feel invigorated with a complete sequence of all varieties of postures including sun salutation and deep relaxation.Guided breathing practices and meditative awareness.Slow down and experience the freshness and joy of the present moment, to its fullest.All welcome.


Ancient rejuvenate practices which may:

-Stimulate blood flow and circulation to all organs and muscles for improved regeneration and pain relief
-improve functioning of digestive organs ( by increased enzymes)
-improves eliminative organs by bringing nutrition and detoxing
-creates a balance of endocrine secretions (insulin and thyroxin)
-lowers stress hormones Cortisol which helps improves insulin absorbtion
-Overall state of gratitude for the body and mind by the release of endorphins and GABA neurotransmittors

Be free from what society tells you about age and discover what yogis have knows for centuries, youth is a state of no-mind, a connection with yourself and acceptance of the reality of life’s cycles while embracing the principles of nature which always creates, expands, and regenerates.

Accept yourself, embrace yourself, and enjoy your life in the present moment completely.

Based on VYASA yoga research institute, Bangalore, India

disclaimer: the practices here are not meant to treat or diagnose any health condition, consult your doctor before beginning any health program


Learn the art of preparing Vedic cuisine from two chef’s who specialise in utilising local island foods. Abhirama has learned indian cooking from 10 years living in a vegetarian temple and preparing meals every day in India as well as USA, and Amina Prem is born and raised in an Indian family in India and brings the magic of her mother’s special touch to her dishes.
ALL VARIETIES of vegetarian dishes may be learned, vegan dishes available too.


Raw vegan chefing is utilising local organic superfoods to prepare delicious and tasteful delicacies which are high enzyme and delicious and nutritious to make eating raw and incorporating raw food into ones diet a practical reality. Abhirama has studied Raw food and its practical application as part of an over all wellness approach to a multitude of different physical states of being, and belongs to an international Academy based in Maui for the teaching of the health benefits and preparation of raw cuisine.


Destroy what you know about meditation and plunge into the depths of the unknown within you through these researched and tested methods to free the mind from all its subconscious repressions.

We think we are conscious but much of our life is directed by our subconscious beliefs and habits. Let go of all old patterns and beliefs which no longer serve through an active process to unlock the doors which are sealed within and which hold old patterns in place.

The result is the experience of peace, tranquility, and silence…an inner fragrance.


Dive into the art and science of yoga with proven methods tested in India at research institutes to contact and harmonise the body’s basic rhythms and life force which manifest as subtle flows of energy and the functioning of organs and nerves. Yoga may be practiced individually or together with a partner, either way the principle is the same to unlock energy centers called ‘chakras’ to deepen awareness into the existential reality, the lived experience of one’s own body, mind, emotions, and life force – to gradually evolve the dormant energies inherent in the DNA codes into the higher expressions of truth, joy, wisdom, and perception of reality. Yoga is experienced first at the level of the physical body and then moves into deeper levels and goes into deeper practices of breath and meditation. These advanced practices are best done under guidance of an experienced teacher. For more information refer to the articles on the ‘Resources‘ page.


Yoga is an integration of science and spirituality.

Research and study has been going on for decades into the effects of traditional yoga on the mind and physical body.

Vyasa yoga was developed by vyasa international in india and has helped millions of people to reach their optimum health potential through yoga and its corollary principles and practices.

Astanga Yoga (Patanjali)

Yoga originated from india over two thousand years ago and one of the original text is called “yoga sutras’ by the sage Patanjali.

It explains yoga as 8 limbs or stages (asta=8, anga=limb), moving beyond the physical body postures into total breath awareness, and transmuting outward consciousness inward towards deeper levels of meditation.

This is a lifelong process and a journey which begins with a single step.

Yoga is a scientific approach to expansion of consciousness and the results are experienced through constant practice.

Sunset Yin Yoga

Yin and yang are the dualities which co-exist ot create harmonious balance. yin yoga refers to yoga which is meditative and deeply connects one to each and every posture in a more significant way than in a flow.

Yogic texts recommends one to stay a minimum of 30 seconds in each posture, usually not the case in a class which flows.

Yin yoga allows time for more adjustments, releases, and a deeper breathing and awareness in each posture, a perfect balance for one who practices a dynamic form of yoga to slow down the systems of the body and experience the deeper effects of yoga.

About Sound Space Classes

Sound Space Yoga integrates the natural healing energies of Kauai with the bodies own essential wisdom… a unique experience as each person is unique.

The symbol represents the attunement of the energies of the higher and lower body by a spiralling vortex created within oneself through yoga practice.

Our Brand

Story of the Brand:

Sound Space Yoga has emerged from the ancient wisdom of the East which view the world as comprised of 5 sacred elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space (ether). Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Chinese Medicine all seek to harmonize these forces around and within the body to enable optimum health – which is much more than the absence of disease or pain.

Sound is the subtlest element which exists in space – the element which is everywhere in all things yet separate. Over the years of developing an approach to yoga based on the scriptural texts, on bone fide masters, and on day in and day out practice and study, Sound Space yoga has emerged to combine the best of the East and Best of the west, an integrated approach to yoga through modern research with the timeless practices passed on through lineages dating back thousands of years.

The symbol represents the spiral of life, the dormant energy contained throughout every part of the body especially the energy vortexes (chakras) and grounded at the base of the spine. The tuning fork above symbolizes attunement with the forces of nature growing up, expansive, breaking blocks and aligning with universal laws and harmonics…and the lower downward triangle is the principle of “growing down”….putting down roots into the Earth and into one self…to touch in to the infinite space within through a practical and step by step approach to integration of life’s polarities to discover the ever present unity within, and the eternal sounds which connect one to existence, beyond polarity, duality, beyond mind, and even the physical body.

Our Philosopy:

Purpose: To offer yoga as an integrated lifestyle approach in various shapes and forms in an affordable and accessible way to make the benefits and joys available to “every body.”


Foundational Principle: Practices are consistent with authentic yogic texts, `Patanjali yoga sutra and Hatha yoga Pradipika, and incorporates the inner approach to awareness and self discovery from several yoga masters and realized souls.


Professional Practices: We offer discounted yoga and also yoga by donation for we believe yoga should be accessible to all regardless of socio-economic condition. We regard everyone as equal whether novice or experienced, and show equality to all gender and age with respect for each individual body type and what they are looking for in a yoga practice.


Student Relationships: Students are considered clients and treated with personal respect and attention to every detail to ensure the optimum experience and if there is any further need or inquiry of the student where we may be of assistance we go the extra mile to provide specialized help in their personal growth.


Confidentiality: Each student’s trust and confidentiality is regarded as primary importance. Feedback from students is always welcome how we may improve our performance. We always take consent to ensure that each student feels safe and can enjoy their practice to the maximum benefit.


Inter-professional relationships: We respect and honor all teachers of yoga and other health and fitness / wellness programs and never seek to undermine their efforts or hold ourselves any better than them, for all who take a step onto the path of yoga and wellness are to be congratulated and celebrated.

Our Approach:

Our approach is based on the principles and practices of asthagana yoga (8 limbs) through evidence based techniques which view the body and mind as a whole, and addresses each body system individually and collectively to create a dynamic integration with every part of the body and its energies. This approach is applied in different forms according to the class type but always seeks the same – to activate the inner energies of the body and go deep into relaxation to allow that inner energies to restore and rebalance all levels .

We make no claims for diagnosing or treating any disease or symptoms however our students constantly tell us how their life has improved through regular practice of yoga with us.

Our students feel connected with themselves deeply on all levels including mentally and emotionally, as well as with others in the group, who whether known or not, create a sacred and safe space through the group practice to grow and shine.

Classes bring a deep and beautiful connection with Kauai and the Hawaiian people of past and present in gratitude and appreciation for the special gift of practicing yoga here. Gratitude towards one self and full acceptance of one self grows with each class through inner awareness thus our classes are specially for boosting self esteem and experiencing a relaxed Oneness with life in all its ups and downs, like the ever crashing waves in the ocean, lullabying us deeper and deeper into our practice every time, gradually becoming meditative.

Our Locations



Courtyard Marriott

(Behind Long’s Drugs)

650 Aleka Loop, Kapaa, HI 96746

Behind the hotel on the grass

-Beautiful Sunrise

-Sun Soaking monk seals visiting the beach

-Surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges: Sleeping Giant, Makalea, and Mt. Wai’ale’ale  

-Blissful palm trees rustling in the gentle breeze

-nestled in heart of downtown Kapa’a

– walking distance from youth hostels

-5 min walk to the beach

-next door to natural health food store

-boutique yoga shala meets Vedic ashram



4491 Kou St, Kapaa, HI 96746

-ocean breezes

-view of the ocean

-chairs available

-closed on Holidays

Our Team

Abhi Rama

Namaste, Abhi Rama is my given spiritual name.  I am a certified yoga instructor here on Kauai with fifteen years of training – 12 years as a monk under a realized guru and three years as a student in India at a world class Yoga University.  Are you looking for an authentic yoga experience?  The depth of your yoga teacher’s own practice and realisation will assist you to to experience your own yoga practice in its fullest essence.  I am more than a teacher, I am a guide to your own inner self, your essential being… this is unique to each of us.  I invite to experience Sound Space Yoga, a blend of traditional Yoga styles suited for all body types and ages on the beautiful beaches of Kauai.


Abhi has been a practitioner of yoga for 15 years.  He first began when he met his spiritual master, Paramahamsa Narayan Goswami in January 2002 (PUREBHAKTI.COM | PUREBHAKTI.TV).  In July 16, 2003, Abhi was in the Santa Monica Farmers market accident which killed 10 and injured over 60. Receiving double total fractures in both femur bones from the car hitting him at over 60 MpH, and a broken left arm, Abhi took to his spiritual life with utter intensity after making a full recovery. Abhi apprenticed as a “brahmacari” monk for ten years, living in India extensively during those years as well as establishing centers in the West.  Abhi has helped to found the first Vedic Cultural and Educational Center in the Western World for his spiritual master in Houston Texas and has laid a corner stone at the foundation (SGGM.org).  He was hand picked to be the head priest of the temple and learned all the intricacies of maintaining the highest standard of temple protocol.

To create a bridge from the Eastern mysticism which he lived and breathed

for a decade, he returned to University in Bangalore India (S-VYASA – SVYASA.EDU.IN) in 2012 to study Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic sciences (BNYS), a medical course on par with any allopathic or ayurvedic doctor in India.  Abhi continued his yoga practices and explored many new practices which he incorporated and overcame the challenges which he faced within his previous organization.


Ultimately Abhi found his true freedom with the help of the mystic sage Osho, whose meditation techniques helped him overcome fears, repressions, and inner issues which had not been able to be addressed while living the solitary life of a monk. Abhi began studying “the Book of Secrets” a commentary on the 112 meditations which Siva spoke to Devi in one of the oldest books giving origin to many eastern approaches of awareness, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.


Abhi returned to USA in June 2015 and completed a Yoga Alliance registered teacher training with his Soul-sister, Victoria Brunacci (www.victoriabrunacci.com) at the oldest yoga studio in South Beach, Miami Florida, Synergy Yoga (Synergyyoga.org). This Training provided deeper insight into adjustments, Hatha vinyasa flow, use of props including prenatal yoga, and a firm grounding in the art of compassionate communication and relating with students inside and outside of class Victorias’ three simple values: Yoga is healing, Yoga is Fun, yoga is for Everyone.

Amina Prem

I’m Amina Prem (also referred as Madhu Malhotra) passionate about creating positive change in lived realities of self, others and the environment I interact with. I was born and raised in India. alongside lived in, Hong Kong, London. I recently left my job as Director of Amnesty International in UK to bring my skills, and grace to Kauai to manifest radical change and empowerment for the people of Kauai and all visitors I’m here to offer you the power of ‘Unity in Diversity’ of the ‘Best of East and Best of West’


As a Transformation Enabler I offer professional coaching, support and tools to individuals and teams to live & breath in their full humyn self. I’m also engage in conscious independent consultancy work on human rights, development, non discrimination and equality, visioning, strategy, management and dealing with organizational change, review and evaluations of programs and projects.


I have enjoyed for over two decades working with NGO’s at grassroots and international platform. focusing on various development, humanitarian and human rights issues. Working with organizations such as DFID, DANIDA, UNICEF, Oxfam GB, Amnesty International and United Nations gave me opportunity to work with diverse stakeholders and develop insights into the similarities as well as distinct ways each one of them strive to reach social impact and positive changes in lived realities of right holders especially the individuals sitting on the fringes of our society.

I’m a OSHO sanyasin and have been practicing Vipasasna meditation for over two decades. I have Masters in Social Sciences and several advanced trainings and Diploma on the relevant skills and competencies mentioned in my areas of expertise below. I to offer professional tools and skills to enhance personal growth self awareness, empathy, compassion and Love towards self and others, I encourage my clients to enhance and connect with their intuitive self and take courageous steps through consciously facing their fears and stretching their comfort zones ultimately leading to empowerment.


My area of expertise lies in facilitation, visioning, strategy and programming, Transformational Coaching, Communication, Transformational coaching, creating conscious teams, organisations and communities, eco feminism, research and campaigning on human rights, non-discrimination and equality, Sexual and Reproductive rights, leadership development, nutrition and cooking, Sustainable development, managing and dealing with change and teams in organizational as well as individual set up.

“Amina has been like a lighthouse. Guiding me in some of the darkest processes of my life and teaching me how to find meaning where I thought there was none. She is a great source of inspiration for many. Through loving kindness she is able to show you a path towards self realization. She helped me to become more clear on my purposes in life and learning how to truly fall in love with myself! Eternally grateful to have met such an angel that works for the benefit of all!”

-Carlos Inigo, Client