Events - Sound Space Yoga
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Upcoming class flyers listed below. Call or email for questions or registration.





Location: Anini Beach Park

Pricing: $200 for both days, early bird discount, $150 if paid by Sept 1, 2017

-Abundance of Love and personal care

You will receive:
-2 vegetarian/vegan meals & refreshments each day
-In depth, personalized yoga instruction to fine tune and upgrade or start your practice
-Yogic coaching, how to start or improve a Mind-Body practice for optimal health
-Wellness techniques stemming from Ayurveda and Naturopathy

You will learn:
-Yogic purification and internal body balancing practices
– Active and silent meditations
-Deep rejuvenation and sound healing practices
-Chakra balancing
-Spiritual insights
– Vedic cooking and health restoring preparations – tasty & delicious
-creative conceptualization and expression through art and dance

From the facilitators:
“We work with individuals of every background, couples, families, groups, and create avenues for taking personal power through conscious decisions and objective approach to real life situations. Come taste the magic.”

-Amina Prem & Abhirama