Pricing - Sound Space Yoga
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Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Sessions

Personal Wellness Coaching

Cooking Instruction


Complete Yoga Package

$236.25 regularly $315 , 25% discount

-5 class pass

-1 personal wellness coaching

-1 Private Yoga session 80 min

-1 Private yoga session 30 min

Experience how Private yoga along with group classes and one on one coaching can enable you to get the tools you need to optimize your life.

First time student offer

$93.50 , 15% off (reg $110)

-Intro offer (2 classes)

-2 Private yoga post class (30 min)

Its the life YOU choose, so make the most of it.  Two introductory yoga classes and a 30 min personal post-class session after each class to feel the ultimate benefit from ands on alignment, deep stretching, and release.

Yoga Class and Post class One on One session

$48.75 (reg $65)

-Single Session Yoga “OM” the Beach

-1 Private 30 min post class session

Get the most from your group class experience with a one on one post class private session, the best time to have one!  It includes specialized adjustments, advanced asana, prop assistance, and various other ways of deepening your experience such as arial yoga, inversions, and special breathing techniques.  25% off the regular price when you book and pay online.

Private Yoga series

$240 (reg. $300)

-3, 80 min Private yoga sessions

Experience how private yoga can provide the shift for you wherever you are in life.  Three sessions within a short time span and one will feel the improvement. Props and adjustments for all postures and much more.

Cooking and Coaching

$346.50 (reg $385)

-1 personal wellness coaching session
-1 cooking class (Indian and/or Raw Food)

Want to make a shift in your life?  Empower yourself with professional chef’s tools and tips to create dazzling and delicious fare, both Indian food and Raw food, and discover all the hidden secrets of diet, cleansing, sleep, relaxation, and more through empowered coaching sessions with one of our professional coaches. Create the life you want.

Complete Indian Cooking instruction

$1,080 (reg $1,200)

-4 Indian cooking classes (3 hour each)

Everything cannot be learned in one go, so give yourself a thorough and comprehensive cooking course in Indian cuisine, the sure way to transform your diet and empower yourself with an abundance of recipes for delicious nutritious, simple to prepare foods.  Especially if you are looking to shift to a plant based diet, taste and variety are key.  There are literally thousands of dishes in Indian cooking to explore and with the fundamentals of this cooking course you can be an empowered Indian cuisine chef!