Retreats - Sound Space Yoga
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Kauai, Hawaii


Our retreats are designed not just to inspire and amaze your senses with an authentic experience of Hawai’i and its ancient life force (mana), but to touch your heart with values of life to share with your own community for stewardship and sustainability of our planet.

“Zero Emission is our religion”

We believe that each one of us has the power to choose the destiny of our beautiful planet. Our vehicles are ZERO emission, because a yogi is eco-friendly to his or her own body and the the planet.

Ability to respond is responsibility

There is more to Hawai’i than Luau and hula, Hawai’i plays a greatly significant role to understand our past and to look to the future. Aloha, is not simply a greeting, it is the sharing of breath, of life force, and makes us one when we understand how to be Pono (righteous) with each other and the Land.

Gifts of the A’ina (the land)

The human body is a vast electrical grid, and every cell undergoes millions of actions every day depending on this network. Our lifestyle is constantly bombarded by EMF’s and the Earth itself is the way to ground down all those energies and rebalance the energy systems of the body. The A’ina (land) also provides us the sustenance which makes our cells alive, and experiencing how food is grown on the Garden island is inspiring and informative, and may open a door inside yourself to many new possibilities and possibilities for our world.

Sound Space Retreats ~ Life Transforming & Enabling

You will experience deeply touching sessions:

  • Yoga classes on the beautiful Eastside beaches with the empowering connection with Kaua’i
  • Meditations to develop awareness, presence, and mindfulness.
  • Immersions into Mother Nature aka Mama Kaua’i
  • Wild Nature Hikes to magical places never imagined!
  • Pristine jungles flowering and flowing with waters of life!
  • Epic Beaches with wildlife such as Monk seals having a nap!
  • Snorkel with beautiful schools of aquamarine fish and walk over and pay respects to an ancient Hawaiian Heiau (sacred  ceremonial site)
  • Kayak up a river flowing the wettest place on the planet to a secret waterfall (it’s not a secret anymore;)

The Garden island is stunningly adorned with:

  • Forests
  • Canyons
  • Rainbows
  • Waterfalls
  • Cliffs & valleys

And is the home to:

  • Dolphins
  • Turtles
  • Monk seals
  • Whales (in the winter)
  • Varieties of birds such as albatross

Delight in impeccably healthy island Foods:

The traditional Hawaiian food staples in innovative and delicious vegetarian versions!

Many local tropical fruits – dragon fruit, passion fruit, mango, papaya, starfruit, delicious bananas, guava, Surinam cherry, sweet oranges

Local goat cheese and home made jams with island fruits

Energize your chakras:

Sit with the world’s largest six sided pure quartz crystal at the Amazing Kauai Hindu Monestary and also sit under a giant meditation banyan tree

Tibetan Stupa shrine, a place of silence and mindfulness

Any many more special places!

Specialty Retreats

(Initial consultation and discussion required)
All retreats include yoga and meditation sessions

Noni Retreat

Discover the power of Noni. If you are not already aware of it, just do a search on PubMed about Morinda citrifolia. If you drink Noni juice from the store there is a vast difference between the fresh noni and pasteurized.

Incorporate an entire retreat around Noni!

Noni juices every day with different tropical fruit combinations
A tour of the Noni farm on Kauai, an eye opening and inspiring experience (
Take the Noni Challenge

Rainbow Light Warrior retreat

Discover your own inner power with the magic of the Rainbow Light Warrior rite of passages into the inner heart of the ancient jungles of Kauai. An esoteric spiritual quest for the brave who are ready to face themselves and step into their manifestation.

High vibrational diet with locally sourced foods

Expert guides lead us into:
Treks into the wild jungles to experience the inner heart.
Journey to the peak of Mountains to awaken the within.
Enter into the center of Kauai where one will enter and live from one’s own center.

Customized retreats

Available for individuals or groups

1.Corporate and group training available with Amina Prem, international consultant and transformational enabler

  • feedback and communication
  • accountability
  • gender and sexuality
  • team building

contact us for more details

2. Wellness Retreats

Hawai’i can be life changing and life amplifying if you choose. Make a focused retreat for yourself or group to get the most out of your visit on all levels. We offer many services designed to enhance your stay and give you the tools for empowerment in your own life.

Choose from any of our services including private yoga sessions, to customize your own trip around a daily yoga practice which fits you.

We offer several types of yoga classes for every body type, and level of practice and every session is always personally overseen with careful attention.

Spa and wellness activities can also be planned by us to incorporate into your experience the deepest levels of relaxation and rejuvenation as you activate your peak potential.

Keeping Kaua’i a sacred place for future generations

Please plan ways to be responsible for the local eco system during your stay by making a little effort to be aware of your impact, here’s a few ideas to help you:

  1. Buying reusable utensils (at Papaya’s Natural foods, Kapa’a) bamboo and comes in a cool carrying case.
  2. Buying reusable straw ( HA café Lihue) cheap, like a buck, heck yeah that’s worth it!
  3. Helping with Beach clean up (Lydgate Park Saturday Morning 9-10 AM) or any beach you happen to be on, (a little hint – this can be very romantic)
  4. Discover what local activists are doing to preserve the environment by contacting the local Sierra club or other local groups ( check out to get the latest on everything A-Z.
  5. Take the Kauai bus one or two days to explore the island rather than rent a car, or try to rent an Electric car, charging stations are all over the island and it uses a lot of solar energy, a great way to experience the island!
  6. Carry a reusable water bottle ( BPA free)
  7. Buy One or two gallon water jugs and refill then at water filling stations around town rather than buying many plastic bottles
  8. Shop at local farmers markets, it supports local farmers and reduces fossil fuel consumption to import goods. Bring your own reusable bag as plastic bags are banned, yay! Schedules are online, and at hotels plus look for signs on the road.
  9. Refuse Styrofoam!  It is almost banned but not yet!  Tell them you want a paper plate, or better yet bring your own plastic container.  One plastic take out container may last you for the entire trip!
  10. Drink a coconut!  Ditch the soft drinks, and aluminum or plastic waste, drink the electrolyte rich source of vitamins and minerals straight from nature’s perfect beverage container. Available at farmers markets, Art walks, and in trees. (use caution and local etiquette is to not go and pick fruit from trees in neighborhoods without asking permission first ☺

We will help you achieve your goals, help you to discover those goals if you need, and have fun doing it. Our responsibility is to the island and all its inhabitants, especially the Hawaiian people who we thank from the core of our hearts..

Contact us to discover more of the incredible possibilities here on Kaua’i and return home with more than memories, but with a piece of Aloha.