Testimonials - Sound Space Yoga
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What our fans say…

“he was very hands on in making sure we were fully into each stretch and getting the most benefit out of each stretch.”
“so much more connection. It was a full hour of getting a little bit deeper than I’ve ever gone before.”
“we so enjoyed to come into our bodies…I feel so light, and so airy, after that, so relaxed…it was wonderful.”
“there’s something truly remarkable about being out here, on the sand, and the shores of the water…I’m just feeling so much more rooted in my practice…it’s really connecting with the earth and the universe..I’m just overwhelmed it was wonderful experience.”
“this yoga class has brought me such peace and tranquility…``
“It actually opens up your heart, your soul, you can feel your blood flowing…its different from what you do in the gym, totally different. It is nicer when you do it outside, I love it.”
“In my class today I felt so much love and compassion after Abhirama did the pressure points and opened me up.”
“You made me appreciate the Earth, the Island, our ancestors here…I haven't done a lot of yoga but you are the best I’ve ever had.”
“You made me feel very welcome….for someone who is new in the practice its really good to have a connection with your teacher.”
“This is my first time, and its such a great experience because it really opened up my stiff muscles.”